War Art Piece 9

i.               What aspect of war, or event, does this piece of art depict?

. This painting depicts Canadian airmen lying around a park in London. This work was produced in 1944 and most likely depicts members of bomber crews who by this point in the war were engaged in bombing campaigns on the European continent. Bombers did their work by the cover of night and these airmen would have been taking the opportunity to relax and prepare themselves for another mission that night. Bomber crews had very high casualty rates so the time spent with friends during the days would have been important to the airmen.

ii.             Who created this piece of art?

This piece of art was created by Goodridge Roberts, a native of Montreal and a well-known artist and teacher. He served as an official RACF artist from 1943-1945.

iii.           Where was this piece of art created?

The painting Canadian airmen in the park by Goodridge Roberts was created in England in 1944, while Robert’s served in England as an official RCAF war artist from 1943 to 1945. His art depicts the Canadian Air force at leisure.


  1. iv.           For what purpose was this art created?

The painting was made to represent the more peaceful parts of the war, when their was no fighting. It also represents the growing security and belief in the end of the war. The invasion of France was underway at this point and the outcome of the war was no longer in doubt. Peaceful moments like that shown in the painting were now within reach.


Group Paragraph

How does this piece of art further our understanding of war?

This piece of war art furthers our understanding of war because it depicts the side of war that most forget, it depicts leisure. We as a community mostly remember war as battles and victories not as the lives of soldiers or the daily experience and this piece of art gives us a glimpse of that side.

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