Failed Colonies

Welcome to our online workshop focusing on failed colonies!

The pages designed in this section of the website were created by the students in HIST 2773 at Acadia University during the fall of 2012.

As part of this assignment, students were put into groups of six and given a primary document related to a failed attempt to colonize North America. In class, each group gave a five minute presentation to the class about their document, the place and people of their failed colony.  On the web, each member of the group was responsible for writing a paragraph focusing on one of the following questions:

  1. Who wrote the document and why?
  2. Where was this colony located?
  3. Who were the settlers who tried to colonize this place?
  4. What motivated these people to travel across the Atlantic?
  5. With whom did these people come into contact when they arrived in North America?
  6. Why did the colony fail?

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