Welcome to the Canadian History Workshop.  This website is a tool for the students in my Canadian history classes to share their work with each other and with you. One of the goals of the Canadian History Workshop is to introduce students to web-publishing and writing history for a popular audience. All of the site’s content is directly uploaded by the students. It is not edited by me. In creating the site, I wanted to build a forum where their work would have a longer life than just a short in-class session.

In the blog section of the site students have posted two different types of short essays.  Posts categorized under Canadian Environmental History are 500 word reviews of readings we have discussed in class.  Posts categorized under Peopling the Maritimes are 500 word interpretive essays about one of the groups we have studied in class.

Students from the following classes at Acadia University have participated: HIST 2773: Pre-Confederation Canada, HIST 2783: Canada since 1867 , HIST 3373: Peopling the Maritimes in the Eighteenth Century, HIST 3383: Canadian Environmental History

I hope that you enjoy your visit.

Thomas Peace
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Native American Studies
Dartmouth College

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